Sunday, 13 May 2012

Fire and Ferment

Fire and Ferment

A QED Food Discovery Market

Friday 18 May  noon - 8pm

Saturday 19 May noon - 8pm

Sunday 20 May noon - 6pm

International Square 
and The Great Eastern Kitchen
(within Westfield's eclectic Great Eastern Market)
Westfield, Stratford City E20

Fire and Ferment is the first of QED's Food Discovery Markets. Gathering together food and drink by theme, they are as much symposium as market. 

It will explore the ways in which the actions of flame or fermentation can transform raw materials to extraordinary finished products. Expect to discover a startling range of items: 
  • beers and wines – especially where the fermentation has been allowed to proceed as naturally as possible;
  • sour dough breads;
  • lactically fermented vegetables, pickles and sauces;
  • fermented bean and grain products;
  • smoked meats, fish and cheeses;
  • surstr├Âmming and other fermented fish;
  • chocolate (the beans are fermented first);
  • yoghourts, buttermilk, sour creams and other fermented dairy products.

Professionally prepared examples will be available to purchase from stallholders, whilst the Great Eastern Kitchen will stage classes for the adventurous DIY food enthusiast,and will conduct a variety of tastings and workshops. A handful of specialist food producers will offer eat-on-the-spot food offerings heavily featuring the fired or the fermented. London hasn’t seen anything quite like it. 

En route to one of QED's free access tastings, workshops or demonstrations at The Great Eastern Kitchen, be sure to have a good look at the range of offerings within Westfield's Great Eastern Market. Particularly in tune with the Fire and Ferment theme are 
  • Tap East microbrewery and bar, a further venture from Utobeer
  • Karaway, Lithuanian bakery
  • El Cantara, a taste of Spain and Morocco
  • Umai/Japan Centre
  • Noshers, salmon smokers

The Programme

Events take place on the hour from noon till 7pm (5pm Sunday)

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